A program written in php as an example of a web based software application. Elastic and plastic section properties for composite beams.

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Span and Loading Data
Factored Design MomentM =kNm
Factored Support ReactionR =kN
Distance from Support to Design SectionLe =mm
Concrete Slab
Slab WidthB =mm
Slab ThicknessDs =mm
Profile DepthDp =mm
Shear Connectors
Connector CapacityQ =kN
Connector Spacings =mm
Steel Beam
Overall DepthD =mm
Top Flange WidthB1 =mm
Top Flange ThicknessT1 =mm
Web Thicknesst =mm
Bottom Flange ThicknessT2 =mm
Bottom Flange WidthB2 =mm
Steel Plate (optional)
Plate WidthB3 =mm
Plate ThicknessT3 =mm
Material Properties
Steel Grade   
Concrete Grade   
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About this Program

A program written in PHP as an example of a web based software application. Calculates elastic and plastic section properties for composite beams, with provision for asymmetric top and bottom flanges and a second plated bottom flange. Based on BS 5950 Part 3.1. Temporary storage is available for data in a MySQL database (old data will be removed after a few weeks).


Enter data in the form on the left and click on the submit button. From the menu at the top of the page select either Elastic Properties or Plastic Design to review results for the beam. The results are intended as an aid to manual design, rather than a complete automated design package.


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