Peer Review

Peer Review

We specialise in carrying out structural peer reviews on major projects worldwide. Our clients include developers, construction manager's and major international consultants, typically looking for reassurance regarding designs undertaken by third parties or in-house.

Examples of recent projects where we have undertaken a structural peer review include:

Vauxhall Tower, London

50 storey residential high rise in London close to the River Thames, currently nearing completion. We reviewed both the consultant design and value engineering alternatives put forward by contractors.

Burj Al Oula, Al Khobar

Mixed use development in Saudi Arabia incorporating a 250m high rise tower. We undertook a peer review of the design undertaken by a major international consultant, instigated by the construction manager.

The services we typically provide focus on primary vertical and lateral load resisting systems, using advanced analysis backed up by simple hand calculations to rapidly gain an appreciation of the structure. A 5-10 percent detailed check is carried out on primary elements such as core walls, columns, transfer structures and foundations and the review also looks at typical elements such as the floor systems.

Peer Review Q&A Checklist
Peer Review Q&A Checklist

Q&A sheets are prepared during the review and a summary report is provided on completion.

Residential Tower, London Residential Tower, London


We encourage early involvement, with reviews commencing at the schematic design stage of the project. Reviews can typically be undertaken remotely, relying primarily on electronic document exchange, but meetings with the client and designer at key stages of the project tend to lead to more efficient working and we are not averse to travel to UK and overseas destinations for meetings or workshops.

Our strengths are our impartiality, independence and over 30 years of major projects design experience. As a small company our rates are competitive and we provide a responsive, friendly service to our clients.