Structural Analysis

ETABS 2013

ETABS is ideal for the structural analysis and design of multi-storey and high rise structures. The program is described as an 'Integrated Building Analysis and Design Environment' and is built around a physical object based graphical user interface.

It is a finite element analysis package aimed at building structures, with the added benefit of post-processors for design of the beams columns, trusses, walls and floors.

Product Information

S-Frame 11

We have the full 'Enterprise' version of the S-Frame program, which we use for more advanced structural analysis requiring complex models, non-linear and elastic critical buckling analysis and complex elements and support conditions.

In addition to having a full FE analysis capability as standard also features a full Newton Raphson non-linear, iterative solver capable of modelling cable elements, tension only members, compression-only members, capped capacity members, non-linear axial springs and torsional springs, tension only supports, compression only supports, non-linear ground springs supporting hook and gap characteristics and staged construction.

Product Information