Skills Overview

Structural Analysis

For the analysis and design of multi-storey and high rise building structures we use ETABS, described as an 'Integrated Building Analysis and Design Environment'.

We also have the full 'Enterprise' version of the S-Frame program, which we use for more advanced structural analysis requiring complex models, non-linear and elastic critical buckling analysis and complex elements and support conditions. More....

Residential Tower, London

Structural Design

As well as specialising in the conceptual and schematic design of structures, we also undertake detailed design and have broad knowledge of building materials and methods and experience of design to British Standards, Eurocodes and International Standards.

Further capabilities include design optimisation, construction detailing, drafting of specifications and preparation of working sketches and drawings. More....

Library, London Borough of Havering Borough High Street Bridge Installation, London Arcapita Headquarters, Bahrain

Design Management

World Trade Center, Manama, Bahrain

We have acted in a design management role on projects as varied as the superstructure design for a high rise building in the Middle East and rail projects in the UK. More....

On the Bahrain World Trade Center project our role involved the Design Management of work outsourced to a consultant based in South Africa.

Specialist Skills

Borough High Street Bridge Tubular Connections

Specialist skills include seismic design, wind engineering, concrete durability, fatigue design of tubular structures, use of computer methods for structural analysis and design and high rise design and construction. More....

We have experience of structural design to British Standards, Eurocodes and International Standards.

Peer Review

Peer Review Comment Tracker

We specialise in carrying out Structural Peer Reviews on major projects worldwide, including two significant high rise projects. More....

Our clients include developers, construction manager's and major international consultants, typically looking for reassurance regarding designs undertaken by third parties or in-house.